Tourism & Recreation

Tourism enthusiasts must pay a visit to Kamień Pomorski. The town is the home to an exquisite cathedral church and an engaging Museum of Stones situated in a historic tower. The Museum displays an exhibition of minerals and fossils and an exhibition of dinosaurs. The historic tower has two sight viewing areas. The cathedral church invites the visitors to visit its treasury and cloister garth and to attend one of its pipe organ concerts during summer season.

The vicinity of Wolin National Park creates an unparelled opportunity to see European bisons and unique fauna and flora of the region. Tourists may also admire beautiful landscapes from the many sight viewing venues located in the near vicinity of the main route from Międzyzdroje such as Gosań Point, the highest elevation overlooking the sea or Kaczawa Mountain.

Fiends of militarism may visit V3 military training ground and Gerhard's Fort, which constitutes 19th century fortification connected by a network of underground bunkers.

Those with a passion of ship voyages can set out for a tour of Kamieński Lagoon or on the sea.

Enthusiasts of horse riding may visit the horse riding centre in Wrzosowo, for example. The centre in Wrzosowo offers all year round horse rides for adults and children, carriage rides in summer season and sleigh rides in winter.

Kamień Pomorski Heath Resort offers an extensive selection of treatments, such as therapeutic mud wraps, saltine baths, physiotherapeutic treatments, kinezitherapy, hydrotherapy, chelatation therapy.

For hunting enthusiast we organize hunting trips (in accordance with the hunting calendar) and deep-see fishing on board of a fishing boat